Department of English

  • Its academic achievement lies in nurturing the creativity and scholarly abilities of its students and preparing them to study overseas and find new and fruitful prospects
  • Courses are specially designed to meet the local/national/global needs like communication skills, informational technology, Strategic Studies, English Language Teaching, Innovation to incubate the professional, creative, inventorial, and humanistic and all other aspirations of personal growth among the students."
  • We study the art, ideas and cultures that have changed the world and will shape your life.
  • The Department fulfills the regional development needs as a centre of cost-effective quality education for socially and economically underprivileged and backward regions of various provinces of the country. Many students are first-generation English learners and many among them do not have any grounding in English studies. But the Department trains them and transforms them into competent graduates who succeed professionally and serve locally, regionally and globally.
  • The faculty is well-known for its rigorous approach and uncompromising attitude, belying the common belief that English is an easy course. Regular internal assessments, class presentations, intense tutorial sessions and a packed timetable mark an average Literature student’s college life. Luckily enough for the students, success does not come with a price.
  • Aim of our Department is to promote intellectual and critical thinking among students, and including professionalism with humanitarian attitude, through teaching and training of English literature, language, and genre studies.
  • The department’s objective is to provide an environment for holistic development of the students.
  • Our programmes train the students to think through human issues, sensitize them to the layered nature of social problems and enable them to contribute to human resource enhancement.